Me, Solitude and my conscience.

A bright sunny morning turned to grey,
When all of a sudden rain came my way,

I rowed the boat of solitude all night,
There was no end of the sea in my sight.

Gust of a painful feeling swept through me,
Painful yet beautiful, I remember it to be.

Soon the foggy sky blocked my view,
And all the things I had once known became the things I never knew.

My brain jockeyed again with my heart,
Perplexed I was left, to fall apart.

Black sea whispered to me in the deserted silence of the night,
But the moon reminded me of colors, of love and of sighs.

Then the lights from my mind, light from my heart,
Dominated the darkness like a spark.

So I stopped and awakened my mind,
Decided to move on without waiting for any sign.ย Image


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