Story Of A Girl


A girl freezing in a telephone booth,
Has just been told the truth.
Huddled in her flimsy coat,
She has no place to call home.
She breathes on her thin little fingers,
In her mind tons of questions linger.
She has to beat her way back alone down the icy street,
With solidarity, again she has to greet.

Winter is glittering on her cheek,
The first frost of having been hurt, the first frost of her defeat.
She turns around,
Facing the windows brown.
She takes a deep breath,
and starts to brood about death.
Her face again stained with tears,
She still tries to conceal her fears.

She looks down at the screaming sea,
Hears the flutter of birds so free.
The horizon turns gold and pink,
But the night begins in a wink.
She’s vexed, oh so perplexed,
She must take a new step.
To follow her dreams she had fought and fought,
‘But it’s above the realms of possibility’ she thought.

She was wasting her time on frivolous things,
she has to start anew and quit being a jinx.
She wiped her tears out,
Proceeded without a doubt.
At the enormous moon, in amazement she’s gazed,
That’s when the train of her mind started to race.


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