Somewhere between the moon and you,
I fought the chill of the cold hard truth.

I began to let my fire burn,
While you couldn’t wait for your turn. 

I, then became the sea, 
you, a drop’s philosophy. 

Your voice so tender, 
I begin to surrender. 

I dance in the midst of this fight,
You are forced to behold my worsening plight.

As the veils fall one by one, 
a hundred hidden secrets dwindle to none.


11 thoughts on “Secrets.

  1. “I, then became the sea,
    you, a drop’s philosophy” — then there are those lines of those poems that just makes your heart melt like a candle smitten by a moth — gently making the moth besotted by the flame’s warmth — merging both as one.
    The simplicity and honesty of your poem profoundly touched the heart.
    Thank you!

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