These Nights

The days are just how the were. Sun rises as usual, birds chirp like before, winds blow just how they used to.
  If anything has changed after you’ve gone it’s the nights. The nights are longer than usual. The starless sky with a sense of emptiness and your bed screaming out your absence. It denies me my nightly sleep and keeps me abandoned. I just stare at it all night, cry a river and drown myself into it. I close my eyes but they sting because of the desolation that I feel. My heart aches because the balm that cured it ailments is gone. It has vanished. 
  I can smell you sometimes and I abide. I abide in your fragrance. That makes me believe you’re still here somehow. But it makes me miss your warm hugs and kind words. These nights haunt me, burn me, shatter me. These stealthily approaching nights.



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