Her Enthusiasm


I love the way her eyes light up when she watches me talk about her favorite books, The way she eats everything she loves without thinking about the amount of calories it may contain, the way she tries to control her smile when she’s mad at me and I make her smile, the way she gets a little annoyed when someone uses who instead of whom or your instead or you’re (No, I don’t find it condescending), how horrible she sounds when sings with no one around, her Pink Floyd shirts, the fruity smell of her perfume, her sleepy voice, how she has messy hair all the time, her half bitten nails painted with dark shades…Oh!..and how she still wears wrist watches (I thought those were extinct because we’re the smartphone generation) THAT GIRL. I love how she likes to talk more than text and how she gets mad at me when I’m texting and she’s talking…
I’m in love with her. But maybe more than that I’m in love with her enthusiasm. God, I hope she knows how adorable it is.

[[Photo via: www.sarahromingerphotography.com]]


4 thoughts on “Her Enthusiasm

  1. How beautiful! Love is the connection between two souls that can never be separated.
    Thank you for sharing. Peace, love, bliss. Tammy

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