Wonderfully Human


Oh, she had her own set of insecurities. In fact, she was full of them…and they came in all sorts of varying forms and colors. They were the scarlet red of desire, the blazing forests of envy, the pale gray of failure-all the sickly, morbid shades of whatever wonder rested on the spectrum. Most of the times though, especially when the insomnia would strike, they would come to her in the form of black ghouls, haunting her till her sobs and the compassion of the sun drove them away. But oh how he loved her for them! For the beautiful fact that she had them, that she cherished them enough to cry over them, and most importantly-for the strength and beauty she displayed while simply laughing them away. It was so natural of her-so wonderfully human. 


10 thoughts on “Wonderfully Human

  1. True words — I guess we all can relate with the character spoken about in this piece. Thanks, Areesha, for stopping by my blog and following. Love yours and will be following from now on 🙂

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