The Bright Star

She was like that one bright star in the vast, empty, dark sky that alone made the sky worth watching. You just couldn’t compare any other stars to that one bright star. And now that she is gone, even when the moon appears, the sky looks empty and sad. The sky looks like it is aching to find that missing star it has just lost. The sky keeps on expanding to find that bright star and make it a part of itself again. The sky knows that nothing could fix it up ever again.


[[Dedicated to my grandmother who passed away two months ago.]]


6 thoughts on “The Bright Star

  1. Though nothing remains same… but memories do remain.
    We cherish them, we transfer them.
    And that’s how those are born, who we call “the legends”.
    You give something that makes her alive for others as well.
    Like you did, remembering more than her name…
    And that’s how “sky” fixes it up again…
    Void is not a total absence…
    Though star is not here, her place vacate.
    But her shine do remains!
    In a memory. Living potently!
    We wish, we hope, we dream…
    Out of a temporary one, now she enjoys a permanent state.

  2. This was beautiful. So sorry for your loss. I lost my grandmother a few months ago, too. It’s hard! the good thing is they will live forever in our memories. šŸ™‚ Hope you have a lovely weekend!

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