Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop


I was on my way to college when I saw that coffee shop again. Everyday, I walked through the same street, ignoring that coffee shop because it reminded me of the little piece of heaven I shared with him. But today was one of those days when you just want to give your past self another chance. You want to feel what you used to, one last time. So I entered and sat on the corner most table. Our table. I looked for The Fault In Our Stars by John Green in my bag. Our Book. My eyes on its most precious word: “Okay.” 
 Wait, what’s that? I turned my IPod’s volume louder. Headphones on, of course. Tonight by Fm Static was playing. Our Song. Coincidence? I was in tears. I remember the last thing he said to me, “You’re a girl. You can cry. I can’t even do that.” Perks of being a girl? I wanted him to ask “Okay?” like he always did and today, for the first time, reply, “Not Okay.”
  Someone dragged a chair towards my table. First thing I noticed were his hands. They looked familiar. It was him. My heartbeat faster than ever. Butterflies in my stomach turning into bats. His face, expressionless. “Hi.” Oh so you wanna keep it casual? “Hey.” I said, concealing my feelings mixed with nervousness and excitement. No response. Are you fucking kidding me? “What’s up?” I asked because he was too cool to do that? “Moved to Dublin. Gonna work until college starts.” He smiled. Charming asshole. He had a lot of problems with getting into a good college and always stayed stressed out about that. “Ohh. See, everything works out one way or the other.” I smiled bright. “Except for us.” He responded like he already knew what I was going to say… 

Dream on, kid!

Here’s to the ones who write lyrics in the library,
To the ones who are just not ordinary.
To the artists, the writers,
the rebels, the fighters.
They’ll say you’re not good enough or you’re not what they’re looking for.
They’ll tell you what you do is worthless or they’ll say, “Dream on, kid!”
So dream on, kid.
Yes, dream on. Stay hungry, Stay creative.
Don’t settle for anything less because you are the ones who turn their black & white world to colorful.
You are the ones who give them something to chew on. You give them hope.
You are a rhythm, the colors, the shapes, the imagination.
They are a copy of a copy of a copy.
But you are original. You are an innovation, an inspiration, a sensation. You are all an idea.
And ideas don’t die.
So next time they tell you to dream on..

Bilita Mpash

The Best kind of people are the ones that come into your life, and make you see the sun where you once saw the clouds. The people who believe in you so much that you start to believe in you. The people who love you, for simply being you. The once in the lifetime kind of people.

Bilita Mpash is a word in Buntu which means: An amazing, pleasant dream and not just good dream. It’s the opposite of the worst nightmare.
I’ve always lived in two worlds: the reality, that is, my life or in other words the worst nightmare and Bilita Mpash.

You know who’s given me that beautiful life?/ A new reason to stay alive, stay passionate and happy? My best friend.
The word “Best Friend” is so overused that it has lost its real meaning. But not for us. Call him my best friend or call him my boyfriend, it doesn’t really matter because he’s played all those roles. He’s quiet and doesn’t know what to say most of the time but his actions spoke to me. And that’s much better than all those people out there who just know what to “say” and not what to “do.”
He would never tell me what’s wrong with him. Never ever. But would always stay concerned about what’s going on with me. Jeez, I mean..are you some kind of angel?
We don’t even know what’s it called, the thing that we have..but whatever it is, a mixture of true friendship and love..the best experience one could ever have. I may have a thousands of crushes but in the end it’s only him whom I love.
I know it’s nothing..
I know we are nothing.
I know that there’s really….nothing.
But I just want to say that all of these nothings have meant more to me than so many “Somethings.”

Happy Birthday to the best thing that’s ever happened to me.
Happy Birthday to the person who’s given me my own Bilita Mpash.
Happy Birthday to the person who’s given me my own little infinity and I can’t tell him how thankful I am for that.

“Even the best fall down sometimes,
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme.
Out of the doubt that crossed my mind,
I somehow find you and I…collide.”
Everything about him is so fucking beautiful. Happy Birthday to him, again.

(Please listen to this: https://soundcloud.com/apyarmy/06-heres-to-you-not-the-middle)