Main aur Tum


Main hun suljhan main ek uljhan si,
Aasani main thori mushkil si,
Qareeb aatay hain log, dur jaatay hain loug,
kuch nahin kar paatay tou manatay hain soug.

Tum ho uljhan main ek suljhan se,
Mushkil main aasani se,
Qareeb aatay hain log, dur jaatay hain loug,
Kuch nahin kar paatay tou jamaatay hain rou’ub.

(This isn’t complete yet. This is my first attempt at writing in Urdu.)


4 thoughts on “Main aur Tum

  1. As much as I Adore people, telling others how good their writing skills are, and how much time and effort they put into writing all this extravaganza, there are very few who could actually figure out the soul, in these mere letters of a language.
    I could also appreciate you trying to write in Urdu and taking the time out of your immensely busy schedule to do so, but I think i’m better off, trying to feel what you felt, writing what you wrote, and the soul, you tried to put into a bunch of words. Personal experience tells me, that there are little to none, who write for attention. Mostly all of us, try to use something as simple, yet complicated as a pen to drain out our emotion, through ink.

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