Golden 90’s.


Dreamer Meets World

Remember the time when owning a cordless was the coolest thing ever? Cricket had just become a national craze and Imran Khan a living legend; Atari and Nintendo were the next coolest thing to a Ferrari – not to mention shooting a duck with an actual gun on your Nintendo. How about playing Dave 1 on your brand new Windows 95 and finding out you could not cross level three no matter what? Or perhaps the time when you’d rent out movies on VHS because owning them was practically impossible? Or the time when you were suddenly informed that the letter ‘Z’ was no longer pronounced as ‘zedd’ but had been changed in to ‘zee’? Yes I’m talking about the 90′s!


The 90′s have come and gone, but this decade is still “da bomb”—from fashion trends to our favorite TV shows, these years are full of awesomeness.  Let’s travel back to…

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Oh, this tension between our reality and dreams,
The where we are and the where we want to be.
The home we know and the home we desire,
The warmth of flame without the burn of fire.
The devoted love of another without pain,
The fear of moving on when we have everything to gain. 

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