Dream on, kid!

Here’s to the ones who write lyrics in the library,
To the ones who are just not ordinary.
To the artists, the writers,
the rebels, the fighters.
They’ll say you’re not good enough or you’re not what they’re looking for.
They’ll tell you what you do is worthless or they’ll say, “Dream on, kid!”
So dream on, kid.
Yes, dream on. Stay hungry, Stay creative.
Don’t settle for anything less because you are the ones who turn their black & white world to colorful.
You are the ones who give them something to chew on. You give them hope.
You are a rhythm, the colors, the shapes, the imagination.
They are a copy of a copy of a copy.
But you are original. You are an innovation, an inspiration, a sensation. You are all an idea.
And ideas don’t die.
So next time they tell you to dream on..